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Our Objective

As parents, community professionals, educators and self-advocates, our goal is to support individuals with Down syndrome as they go about leading productive and fulfilling lives.
Young girl with down syndrome smiling and hugging friend

3 Main Objectives

Our Focus

Increase Awareness


People with Down syndrome may face unique health complications beyond typical illnesses. Having appropriate and coordinated health care, we can greatly enhance the potential and life of individuals with Down syndrome. With adequate planning, timely intervention, and communication across the board, we can prevent poor health outcomes.
  • Physical Therapy (PT)
  • Speech-language pathology (SLP)
  • Occupational Therapy (OT)
Young boy with down syndrome working on a computer

Consistent Support


Having consistent support in the classrooms is the key. With continued partnerships with the school boards and Ministry to share information and strategies, we help improve the student’s learning journey with the right attitude and by building a stronger together.

  • Honing the right attitude
  • Bracing inclusion
  • Regular education procedures
young girl with down syndrome laughing and embracing with friend

Key Resources

Social Services

Individuals with Down syndrome can lead productive, fulfilling lives given the right resources. This is where we help provide them with easier access to existing government programs and services across the province.
  • Passport Funding
  • Finding Employment
  • Independent Living
Young boy with down syndrome working on a computer

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